The Kennedy Assassination Blog Series


This e mail is to announce the beginning of a new blog series: The Kennedy Assassination.

I will begin a new series of blogs dealing with the assassination of President Kennedy starting in July 2019. The first blog of each month, and during each month going forward, I will send you a blog dealing with the  JFK assassination. The second blog of each month will continue to be Civil War related.


                                                          The Kennedy Assassination


During November of 1963, the president of the United States visited several cities in the state of Texas. At the last stop of his Texas trip, President Kennedy and his wife rode in an open vehicle through downtown of Dallas. They were to attend a lunch in that city immediately after the parade.

Parade Photo

During the parade, President Kennedy was hit by three bullets. Rushed to near-by Parkland Hospital, he was taken to an emergency room at 12:35. There he was treated by medical personnel who were unable to save his life. Subsequently, he was declared dead by Dr. Kemp Clark at 1 o’clock the same day.


During this blog series, I will present you with the data (evidence) known by investigators before, during and immediately after the assassination of JFK. The last of the blogs will relate conclusions reached by investigators years after the assassination. And finally, as part of this series, I will examine the possibility that the assassination of President Kennedy was a coup d’ etat organized and carried out by agents of the United States government.